Get the latest COVID-19 tracing app in your phone

As the menace of COVID-19 is increasing each day, therefore technology giants are now coming forward for assistance. Google and Apple have joined hands to bring out a COVID-19 tracing app for all users. The main aim of the app is to give people information about COVID-19 patients and how safe they are.

The joint project from both companies is now taking place at a fast pace. Moreover, the app is on the verge of completion and is undergoing testing right now. On Monday, in a joint statement, they state that the app will be heading to phone from May first week.

Two giants decide to join the hands in the best way in the time of danger to humanity. It is the big step from both by keeping the business competition side in this crisis.  Moreover,the app will be using the Bluetooth technology to trace the COVID-19 patient and give the information. To push the update to almost all brand of smartphone is challenging as all have different Android versions and systems. Moreover,now the companies are doing extensive testing and making changes to the app as per the issue. By May 2020, you may get the app on your phone.

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