Google Assistant Actions creators are actually obtaining alternative text-to-speech vocals in 5 vocabularies that they can easily take advantage of in their Actions. These vocals perform best of what made use of to become the only alternatives for that language and also sex.

They are actually:

Mandarin (Traditional) Male 2.
English-Indian Female 2.
Hindi Female 2.
Hindi Male 2.
Italian Female 2.
Italian Male 2.
Indonesian Female 2.

For final user, these Actions representations are going to contrast (in many cases, only a little) to the vocal you’ve selected for your basic Google Assistant adventure to clear up when you’re making use of an Action. You might begin to listen to additional of all of them if you integrate a number of Actions in to your program.

You can easily move to the resource web page listed below and also take a listen closely to some examples apiece of the brand new vocals.